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Raised by nature, raised by you. We believe that what’s natural is good: good for your skin, good for your health, and good for your spirit. That’s why we’re always looking for natural people with a heart for nature and a mind for environmental awareness, sustainable practices and solidarity with others to be part of our community of creators.

By being part of the Liquid-Land community, you’ll be able to promote our pine nut oil in your community and on social media platforms, share our values, and make a difference to the skin of those who follow us.

Sign up below and show us why we’d be a good partner. The more details about your community and other collaborations, the better.

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  • Our product is 100% natural and clinically proven to be effective;
  • Support a product collected with the least possible environmental impact, cruelty free, without chemical and toxic additives;
  • Naturalness is reflected in our values. By being part of our community, respect for nature extends to others, promoting inclusivity;
  • Make a difference for nature. By supporting us, you are defending sustainable practices and the appreciation of the natural in machinery, cosmetics and beyond.

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