Terms and Conditions


The Terms and Conditions of Use of the website www.liquid-land.com.pt that “F. LIMA SAB”, makes available to its potential customers, as well as the conditions applied to contracts entered into through web platform – which must be integrated with its data privacy policy- are as follows:

  1. Pinhão Oil Website and holder:

    1. The website or “portal” www.liquid-land.com (hereinafter referred to as the website) is a website owned by the company F. LIMA SAB, (hereinafter F. LIMA SAB and better identified in 1.2. of these Conditions). General) a company that is also the owner of the trademark “Óleo de Pinhão” and the domain name “[●]”.

    2. For the purpose of complying with the applicable legal provisions, the complete identification and mandatory references of the company that owns the website and supplier of the products offered to the public through it, are as follows:

      a) Name: F. LIMA SAB

      b) Legal Person Identification Number / Commercial Registry: 505464535

      c) Headquarters and postal address: Largo Movimento das Forças Armadas, Nº1 – Alfragide, 2610-123 Amadora, Portugal.

      d) Commercial Registry Office: Lisbon

      e) Email: support@liquid-land.com

      f) Customer helpline: support@liquid-land.com

  2. Object, objectives and scope of application

    1. The website is an electronic platform ‘via the web’ for the promotion, dissemination and sale to the public (“virtual store”) of pine nuts.

    2. These general conditions apply to all visitors and users of the website www.liquid-land.com and to all commercial transactions carried out through the aforementioned electronic platform made available by this means.

    3. F. LIMA SAB reserves the right to change these general conditions at any time. Any changes to these general conditions will come into force immediately, and the conditions in force on the date on which the user placed the respective order since he/she has made the respective payment will apply

    4. These Terms and Conditions specifically and exclusively regulate the transactions and operations carried out through the website.
  3. Customer / User Liability:

    1. Registering as a user of the website and/or placing orders for products sold on it presupposes full knowledge of these general conditions and implies the express acceptance by the Client/User of all its terms and conditions.

    2. In addition to others that are expressly provided for, the Client/User’s obligations and responsibilities are:

      a) Not to use the website for purposes other than obtaining information about the products and their conditions of sale and/or for their purchase;

      b) Fill out accurately, completely and truthfully all electronic forms relating to registration as a user, the formulation of orders and any others made available on the website that you will use;

      c) Save and not disclose to third parties your user code and your password (‘Password’) for access;

      d) Not to use the website or any of the platforms and forms made available through it, to disseminate illegal, illegal or offensive contents of general principles of law, ethics and public order;

      e) Fully comply with all general and specific conditions relating to the website, its use and the transactions and contracts entered into through it.

    3. Without prejudice to other contractual or legal responsibilities to which the User/Client conduct may be subject, F. LIMA SAB reserves the right to cancel all User/Client accounts and registrations that violate any of these general conditions or whose contractual or pre-contractual conduct is objectively revealing bad faith. customer records and respective orders.
  4. Customer registration and placing orders:

    1. In order to be able to place orders for products through the website, the Customer User must proceed with their prior registration as a user, by completing the respective form available online.

    2. The User/Customer is solely responsible for the integrity, veracity and complete completion of the user registration form, as well as the orders that may be carried out. The User/Customer will also be responsible for keeping and keeping their password (‘PassWord’) and customer code in strict confidence. The loss or loss of the ‘access password’ must be immediately communicated to F. LIMA SAB

    3. The User/Customer is responsible for always keeping the data relating to their user registration up to date, including the details relating to their address.

    4. F. LIMA SAB reserves the right to cancel all User/Client accounts and registrations that contain false or incomplete data and/or that correspond to non-existent identities.

    5. After registering as a user, the User/Customer may place orders using the “virtual shopping basket” and following all the steps, including those relating to payment.

    6. The validation of the order implies the acceptance by the User/Customer of these general conditions, as well as the price, characteristics of the product to be purchased, delivery times and other particular conditions of the transaction.

    7. After completing the order procedure, the User/Customer will receive an email which will contain the order number, the products purchased, the expected delivery times and other private information relating to the order in question. The User/Customer must immediately inform F. LIMA SAB if it detects any error or non-conformity in the description of the essential elements of the order, so that it can be cancelled.

    8. The User/Customer must keep the order confirmation message, printing it or recording it on any durable and stable medium.

    9. The data registered by F. LIMA SAB relating to the Customer/User and orders placed by him, will be kept by F. LIMA SAB and may serve as proof of contracting the orders. Upon request of the Client/User, F. LIMA SAB will deliver copies of customer records and respective orders.
  5. Prices, features and availability of products:

    1. When placing orders, the Customer/User must verify and analyze the characteristics and descriptions of the respective products.

    2. The indicated characteristics of the products are provided to F. LIMA SAB by the respective manufacturers, importers or distributors, who are responsible for them.

    3. The price indicated for the product is, unless an insertion error or otherwise indicated, the retail price (including VAT at the legal rate in force).

    4. The price of any purchase made through the website is valid for the day the order is placed and paid. F. LIMA SAB reserves the right to change the sale prices to the public at any time.

    5. If this happens, at the time of processing the order, F. LIMA SAB will inform the Customer/User of this fact. In such a case, the User/Customer:

      a) The difference will be refunded if the advertised price is higher than the actual sale price;

      b) You will be able to choose to cancel the order, or informed of the effective price and maintaining interest in it, pay the difference, if the effective price is higher than the advertised price.

    6. The indication of the availability of stocks, as well as the deadlines for delivery, are indicative. If, due to unavailability of stocks or delays in processing or shipping the products ordered by the User/Customer, it is impossible to fulfill the order within the specified delivery period, plus five working days, F. LIMA SAB will contact the User/ Customer, who can choose to keep the order and accept the new delivery period indicated, or cancel it, and the amount already paid will be refunded.

    7. If the ordered product is discontinued, F. LIMA SAB will inform the customer of this fact and will proceed with the cancellation (total or partial) of the order, returning to the User/Customer the ammount of the price paid for the product(s) discontinued(s).
  6. Payment and payment methods:

    1. Orders become effective after payment through one of the payment methods provided by F. LIMA SAB for online purchases on the website.

    2. Orders will only be processed and sent by F. LIMA SAB to the User/Customer after payment has been made.

    3. The payment methods available for online purchases made through the website are: Visa/Mastercard/Payment by reference ATM and Paypal credit card.

    4. The User/Customer acknowledges and accepts that the processing of payments through online platforms entails security risks. The choice to use any means of payment are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the User/Customer, who cannot blame F. LIMA SAB for any damages or losses resulting from the use of such means of payment, unless it is demonstrated that such damages or losses were culpably caused by any act or omission of F. LIMA SAB
  7. Delivery of orders. shipping costs and costs:

    1. The User/Customer is solely responsible for the accurate, complete and true input of all data requested in the website user registration form and in the respective orders, including, without limitation, the address where the respective delivery must be made. F. LIMA SAB cannot be held responsible for any delay or difficulty in delivery, as well as for any delivery to an address other than the address intended by the User/Client, whenever this results from an error or inaccuracy of the data provided by the User/Client .

    2. The User/Customer is responsible for, upon receipt of the order, verifying that the packaging is in perfect condition and that the items are in accordance with the order. In cases where it is visibly damaged, the User/Customer must refuse receipt mentioning the occurrence in the courier’s delivery list and contact the Customer Information Center via the email address: support@liquid-land.com.

    3. Unless otherwise stated, the estimated delivery period for the articles in national territory is approximately 48 hours in mainland Portugal and 72 hours for the islands of Madeira and the Azores after the actual payment for the products. For the counting of working days, Saturdays, Sundays, national or municipal holidays, days on which time-off tolerance is decreed and strike days in the transport or postal services sectors will not be taken into account. Deliveries are made, on working days, between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm.

    4. For orders to be delivered in any other geographic location in the national territory, the User/Customer must consult the delivery cost tables available on the website or consult F. LIMA SAB, using the contacts referred to in the “Contacts” area for this purpose.

    5. If, at the time of delivery of the order, there is no one at the indicated address, a second delivery attempt will be rescheduled by the carrier. If the second delivery attempt is not successful, the order will be returned to F. LIMA SAB In such case, the amount paid will be credited to the User/Customer, deducted from the costs of transport and processing the order. As an indication, on the current date the costs of transporting and processing orders to be delivered in the Portuguese mainland are 23% (VAT included at the legal rate in force).
  8. Instructions and other elements provided with the products:

    1. The cosmetic product must be used in accordance with the instructions provided by the respective manufacturer. We recommend that you carefully and completely read the instructions and other documents that accompany the products before using them.

    2. All the elements supplied with the product (including the respective packaging and any accessories) are essential for the eventual return or exchange of the product (see 9 below). The respective purchase invoice is absolutely necessary for the exercise of rights arising from the guarantee provided by the respective manufacturer (see 10 below).
  9. Returns and right of withdrawal:

    1. Pursuant to the applicable legislation (Decree-Law No. 24/2014, of 14 February, amended by Law 47/2014, of 28 July) the User/Customer has a period of 14 days (including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays ), from the day the items are delivered to the address indicated, to terminate the contract, without payment of indemnity and without the need to indicate the reason.

    2. The right referred to in the previous number must be exercised by the User/Customer by completing the Free Resolution Form (legally approved model) on the website, which is attached to these general terms and conditions.

      i. Alternatively, the User/Customer may contact the customer support line that will assist in filling out the Free Resolution Form, which will be sent to the email box provided by the User/Customer and which the User/Customer must then send to the email address. of F. LIMA SAB, thus confirming the elements contained therein and its intention of resolution.

    3. If the User/Customer exercises the Right of Termination he must deliver, at their own expense, the products delivered to them, in the exact condition they were in at the time of delivery, accompanied by the respective certificate(s) of warranty, instructions and other documents accompanying the products, their packaging, any accessories that accompany them and the respective purchase invoice via CTT, to the address of the headquarters of F. LIMA SAB

    4. All elements supplied with the product (including its packaging and any accessories) are essential for the eventual return or exchange of the product. The guarantee certificate and the respective purchase invoice are absolutely necessary for the exercise of rights arising from the legal guarantee or any voluntary guarantee provided by the respective manufacturer (see 10 below).

    5. If the User/Customer intends to exercise the right of withdrawal, under the terms set out in 9.1. and 9.2., without returning to F. LIMA SAB the product(s) sent to it, within a maximum period of fourteen days from the date on which it exercised the right of withdrawal , the communication of resolution will have no effect and the amount paid for the product(s) will not be refunded to the User/Customer. The same will be applied if all the elements referred to in 9.3 are not returned, in perfect condition.

    6. Exchanges or returns of products that show signs of use or misuse will not be accepted (including, but not limited to, scratches, signs of falling, knocks or “knocks” and signs of dampness). In these cases, F. LIMA SAB will not return the amount paid for the products in question and will proceed with their refund to the customer, in the state in which they were received.

    7. The credit will be made automatically in order to ensure speed in the process and greater convenience to the Customer, and carried out in accordance with the payment method chosen for the initial order, within the maximum period referred to in the previous number and as follows:

      1. Visa/Mastercard/Paypal Credit Card: Amount to be refunded automatically credited to the Credit Card or Paypal account used in the order.

      2. Payment by ATM reference:

      1. Order with associated NIB (option available in the Customer Area and Step 3/Payment of the order): amount automatically credited to your bank account;

      2. Order without associated NIB (option available in the Customer Account and Step 3/Payment of the order): sending a digital voucher to the email address associated with the order, in order to ensure a faster refund, the amount can be used in future purchases at F. LIMA SAB

  10. Warranty and technical assistance:

    1. All products sold through the website benefit from a legal guarantee of validity of 2 (two) years, unless indicated for consumption/use preferably with a lower validity, after opening.

    2. In order to exercise the rights arising from the guarantee, the User/Customer must always presents the respective sales invoice. You must also describe the non-conformity, filling out, if presented, the technical assistance form available for this purpose.

    3. Products will not be repaired or replaced under the warranty, as the following are excluded:
      – Products that show signs of misuse, mishandling or use contrary to what is stated in the respective instructions. Included in these cases, namely, but not limited to, products that show signs of falling, knocks or “knocks” and accidents; that show signs of having their mechanism forced and/or of having been exposed to moisture.

    4. The provisions of these conditions regarding guarantees in the sale to consumption do not affect or affect the consumer’s rights established in Decree-law 67/2003, of April 8, with the amendments introduced by Decree- law 84/2008, of 21st of May.
  11. Complaints Book

    1. You can consult the complaints book here: https://www.livroreclamacoes.pt/